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Ima Die W/ My Thumb Held High

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    The less you own, the less that owns you…

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    Interview at Soundset with Peter Parker. some real shit is discussed.

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    been a while.

    I guess i haven’t updated this with a message or much cool stuff in a while. I apologize. I’ve been working on my album, and it’s gettin crazy. The album is going to be something that your ears have never heard before. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, who knows. I guess we will see. I’m just excited for you to guys to hear what i’m doing. I wish life was simpler. To me, life seems so simple right now. Wake up, go to studio, make music, go to sleep. Since everything is all professional, i gotta go to meetings and shit like that. Fuckin meetings are so dumb. I wish i just had a representative to go for me… I don’t care much about my taxes and organization of my money. I mean i need that done, but i don’t wanna have to be involved in doing it. Well, i guess i gta be all grown up today. I’ll find a way to have fun tho don’t worry.

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    local news swag. Ken Rice boy! that’s my shit. i watched him read that news since i was a little kid.

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    interview after the 4000+ MKE show. swag.

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    private jet…

    private jet…

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    Wear My Hat

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    we live

    Wear My Hat video dropping in 15 minutes!! (Broadcasting live at http://ustre.am/d5SQ)

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